Where daddies sit with paternity leave in Western countries

Times are changing. Households today comprise working couple where both the males and the female work full time and take care of home and outside chores together to balance their family. So when all responsibilities are shared, what is happening with taking care of a newborn baby? Since times immemorial, a child is born and the whole responsibility of taking care of the baby, changing diapers, getting bottle warmers for the baby, etc. all sit with the mother.

Thanks to many western countries where this theory was challenged and they came up with exciting paternity leave covers for new dads to get used to the new environment back home, take care of the baby and build that father-child bond from the very beginning. Fatherhood today is more than just bringing bread and butter to the family, and these countries understood this very well.

Unlike many US counterparts, dads in the European states get paternity leave. In fact not just European states, many other western countries like Australia offer paternity leave cover to new dads. America is the only developed country in the world that does not offer any kind of paternity leave cover to new dads and that is very disappointing. Experts say that paid paternity leave leaves its users with a number of benefits – financial support, family bonding, sharing of responsibilities, health benefits, etc.

Areas where paternity leave is unpaid, it leaves new dads and families with effects such as serious career, financial and health repercussions. Universities around the world did a lot of research to prove that as much as the mother, it is extremely important for the father to play a significant role in their baby’s life – changing diapers, playing with them, teaching them the basics, getting bottle warmers for babies, etc.

Here is a look at what types of paternity cover many western countries offer to their new dads and the positive outcome it has resulted in on the overall growth of that country.

Belgium gives its new dads 10 days of paid paternal leave to let them enjoy the exciting phase in their life and support their wife through this challenging phase. After they exhaust the initial period of 10 days of paid paternal leave, each parent can then opt for 17 weeks of additional paternal leave paid full or partially.

In Denmark, it is 14 days of paid leave plus 224 days for each parent, again paid full or partial.

Finland offers to its new dads 54 days of dedicated paternity leave (either paid, half paid or unpaid). Additionally, 158 days for each parent paid either full or partially.

In Iceland, the paternity leave covers 120 days initially and then a top up of 90 days for each parent paid full or partially.

It is 70 days and an addition of 26 weeks at full pay or 36 weeks at 80 per cent of the pay

Here it is an initial period of 60 days plus 420 additional days to be shared by each parent.

So in summary, this is where some western countries sit on their paid father’s leave that other countries that have not adopted any such policies can learn from.




Lace wigs you cannot take your eyes off!

Wigs can increase your beauty and personality multi-fold and give you that boost in confidence that you have always dreamt about. And if you have access to some of the best lace wigs in the world along with many other types of hair products, life is great – isn’t it?

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This online store ships around the globe and offers a great variety of 360 lace wigs – in different shapes, colors and lengths – to meet all your needs. But we are talking too much about this wig type, but let’s do some education on this wig type first. These wigs are lace frontal wigs that can be styled in whichever way you like – in a ponytail, as a braid, as a bun, etc. Other options available with this wig type are that it can be bought as a straight wig, body wavy, deep curly or natural wavy. 360 Lace wigs are made up of real Brazilian human hair. When it comes to wigs, human hair work best as they can be treated like normal hair – can be washed, blow dried, straightened, dyed and be made into many hairstyles.

With BestHairBuy, you get the best human hair that is completely unprocessed and free of any chemicals, so you get the most out of your lace wigs and they appear as natural as possible on you. These wigs are naturally strong and are completely soft, shiny and smooth and can be worn long, mid length or short. What you also get with this online store is a range of synthetic wigs that tend to look as natural as possible and close in looks to real wigs, there is not much that you can do to style them up and that is the reason they are not as expensive as the real human 360 lace wigs.

So if you are on the lookout for natural-looking real human wigs that suit African American beauties, this is your ideal online store. Jump on it today to check out their entire range of lace wigs along with other types of hair extensions and synthetic wigs, choose the one that suits you the most and add that x factor to your personality today. Your friends are sure to be jealous of your looks!

The right business model you need to make profit in the UK

You have taken the decision to start a new business in the UK and who would not want to think the business will tick all the right boxes and start making profit in every sense of the word. It is not a difficult thing to achieve but if you have done the right homework and have considered all the options in the UK.

Some of your business options in the UK are to start as a sole trader, as a partnership or as a limited company.  One of the most common types of business model in the UK for small businesses such as accountants, tax return, etc. is called sole trader and it is also the easiest to set up and run.

For running your business as a sole trader, you will have to register with the HM Revenue & Customs as soon as you commence your business.  In this business model, you and your business are one entity, and you receive all the profits from your business and you are the sole bearer of all the debts and any legal action that happens against your business in due course of time. If you think there is little risk of liability in your business, sole trader is your best option.

A partnership model is another one that is common for small businesses such as company houses, tax returns, tax agents, accountants, financial advisers, etc. In case of this model, two or more individuals co-own a business. There are more people to share debts, legal action and to add their expertise and assets to grow the business. But at the same time, any profit that the business makes also gets shared among all the co-owners. In this case too, the business and all the co-owners are the same entity and are responsible for everything related to the business.

The third type of business model is opening a limited company that is perhaps the most profitable business model in the UK. The process in opening a company involves more steps but that is where you reap maximum benefits out of this business model. A company is separate from its owners and so its debts, legalities, profits, etc. are all separate to its owner or co-owners. If your business fails, you are not financially liable for the performance of the company. However, when you think about the positives, if your business is on the rising path, this is the best business model to adopt in the UK.

What you get out of your limited company are financial and soft profits such as:

  • it limits your financial liability in the company
  • the business can still survive if one of the shareholders dies or if it is sold
  • it brings in a lot of tax advantages as you can show all your inputs into the business
  • it improves your credibility as a small business in the UK.

A few tips that will help keep your overheads low and generate more profit for your business are as follows:

Get on social media: Getting business visibility on social media is a great way to be in touch with your potential clients without investing too much into operations. Everyone is online and on social media today, so capturing the right customer online will drive your business and help it grow faster.

Cut costs: Realise areas in your business where you can minimise direct costs. Things such as talking with your suppliers about lower prices, analyzing systems and processes where wastage can be reduced, etc. can go a long way in cutting your operational costs.

Increase your turnover: there is nothing like increasing your turnover year by year by following a few steps. Always make it a point to retain your existing clients by offering them quality and timely service, keep your service catalog up to date and think creative about increasing your services, focus on your most profitable customers and continue reviewing your profit margins.

So now that you have all the right ingredients to different types of business models in the UK and how to climb the success ladder with your business, the wait is not over.

Top 10 affordable bandsaws in the market that you can buy

Many would argue that a band saw is still not as versatile as a router when it comes to ideal tools for woodworkers, but to be honest, it is not far behind. If you are new to the woodworking business or an intermediate, a band saw is essential to be added to your tools. Here is a quick guide for you that will help you to know everything you need to know about bandsaws – which ones are really good in performance and worth buying, what are the key features to look out for in a band saw and what are the pros and cons to each bandsaw that we will review for you below.

Powermatic PM1500 1791500 Bandsaw

Powermatic is indeed in the only company that provides with a lot of choices if you are looking for a bandsaw in the 14-inch category. And not just that, Powermatic is also considered as one of the best bandsaw making companies. The Powermatic PM1500 1791500 bandsaw is considered its best manufacturing so far and the best 14-inch bandsaw available in the market today. It offers more capacity than many other bandsaws available in this category. It features a 14.5-inch wide throat and 14 inches re-saw.

In terms of safety and accuracy, the bandsaw is not left behind and is closely connected with Powermatic’s T-square and accu-fence that provides maximum safety and accuracy to this tool. The Powermatic PM1500 1791500 bandsaw also comes with a positive locking pressure adjustment that makes the bandsaw extremely easy to use. The side plate is big enough, so the bandsaw can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions and can conveniently suit the needs of the users. In terms of some of its other features, the motor is integrated with a magnetic switch that keeps the bandsaw safe even if there are electric fluctuations at the site. The motor comes with a 3HP capacity that is big in this category.


  • Powered with features of bigger bandsaws
  • Comes with a 3HP capacity
  • Can be shipped directly from the manufacturer
  • Offers great stability, safety, tension and power
  • Provides 100 per cent accuracy on the job.


  • Offers unconventional aesthetics
  • Can feel heavy if you are a first timer.


JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-inch deluxe pro bandsaw kit

Woodcutting requires you to tackle tough re-sawing tasks and that is where the Jet JWBS-14BS-14DXPRO bandsaw does the best job for you in comparison to its competitors. This is perhaps one of the best 14-inch bandsaws known widely for its versatility and performance.

This bandsaw comes with a big cast iron frame that helps in an increase in power supply and adds to the overall rigidity and strength of the bandsaw. Its great design also aids in making re-sawing jobs very easy to accomplish. It also offers a high-tension spring design that renders the bandsaw the popularity it rightly deserves. Its cutting capacity offers a 13.5-inch width and 12-inch height and its built-in retractable blade makes the Jet bandsaw even more noticeable as it helps in easily moving between zero and 12 inches.

Some of its noticeable features are its built-in 12-inch re-sawing capacity that helps in cutting big pieces of wood. It also offers an easy-to-view blade tracking window and comes with the blade guidepost that has a remarkable pinion and rack adjustment. The stand is enclosed with an extra storage shelf and an easy-to-access door.


  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Is extremely well balanced
  • Offers quiet and steady work
  • Can last longer and be used for longer durations of time
  • Easy to replace blades.


  • Band gauge that is factory installed does not offer good quality
  • Can be difficult to order replacement parts
  • The instruction manual lacks clarity.


Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

With its unconventional looks and feature-packed performance, the Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 bandsaw has made its place to be one of the best bandsaws in the market, in fact in the top best five bandsaws. This bandsaw offers a 13/4HP motor with a capacity of 60Hz along with an impressive 115V voltage. It comes with a 6-feet long cord that helps in working at locations where the power source is at a distance from our working station.

The Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 bandsaw is CSA certified and has a direct one-touch on and off switch that comes with a safety key as well for full protection. The pyramid spine along with its steel frame makes this bandsaw one of the best ones available in its price range and one that will last for ages. Some believe that the Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 bandsaw was designed for the occasional re-sawer as it comes with a European frame, lots of storage capacity that is ideal for re-sawing. The guide system found on this one is the same that one would find on the other high-end Laguna Tools bandsaws and that just adds to the appeal of this affordable bandsaw.

The ability to run the bandsaw on a 100V power can allow you to move it around your workshop easily and quickly.


  • Offers amazing value for money
  • Is perfect for re-sawing jobs and cutting 12-inch wide hard maple
  • Has a helpful and accessible resource team
  • Is a big powerful tool.


  • Is some delivery issues from the manufacturer
  • User manual is not so great.


Grizzly G0513ANV 2 HP Bandsaw Anniversary Edition, 17-Inch

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Grizzly combined the best of what two of their bandsaws had to offer with an amazing color scheme to develop the G0513ANV 2HP bandsaw that they claim is their best bandsaw out of all the ones they have manufactured so far. This Grizzly bandsaw is a 17-foot heavy bandsaw with a strong 2HP motor that cuts through a maximum of 12-foot of wood. Its 16-1/4 foot throat is big enough for most applications if you are an intermediate or a starter with woodcutting.

Some of the other features that the Grizzly G0513ANV 2HP bandsaw comes with are a deluxe fence, dual four-foot dust ports, European-style blade guides, heavy-duty miter gauge and micro-adjustable geared table. All these features are generally found in bandsaws that are more expensive and high range that this one, but that is exactly what makes this Grizzly bandsaw the choice of many. In addition to all the amazing features listed above, this affordable mid-range bandsaw from Grizzly comes with ISO 9001 factory designation, which just assures the high-quality standards and gives you the peace of mind with this purchase.


  • Offers best value in this class of saws
  • Comes with a very efficient blade
  • Has a wide range of capabilities for an affordable price
  • Extremely easy to use.


  • Does not come with a good factory default fence
  • Is time consuming to remove blades
  • The tension gauge is not as good as it claims to be.


Shop Fox W1706 14″ bandsaw with cast iron wheels and deluxe aluminum fence

Manufactured by Shop Fox, this premium bandsaw offers a range of features that are generally found in only the high-end bandsaws for which you need to shed a lot of money. The W1706 14-inch bandsaw comes with cast-iron wheels, aluminum fences, aluminum rails, miter gauge and an optional extension block. It also comes with an extremely powerful motor of 1HP, which operates at 1725 rpm.

This particular bandsaw from Shop Fox comes in a cabinet and has a cast iron supporting base and frame that makes the entire system very sturdy for fixing. Its motor specifications are 110 V/220 V and single phase. The blade is 93-1/2 inch wide and including the extension equals 105 inch.  Its cutting capacity is approximately 13.5 inch and can cut a maximum height of 6 inch. It also comes with an optional extension block that can help to increase the overall re-saw capacity of this bandsaw to 12-inch high along with a 6-inch block kit. With its feature-packed list and optional capacity as well, this bandsaw from Shop Fox can be an easy envy for any shop.


  • Is very sturdy, very well built and robust
  • Comes with a very powerful motor
  • Cast iron wheels can withstand heavy duty tasks
  • Comes with a very easy assembly.


  • Replacing the blades is difficult and time consuming
  • Adjusting the blade tension to suit the job is very challenging.


Rikon 10-308 meat saw with grinder, 10 inch

If you are not into serious woodcutting, but are like one who are into hunting or raising farm livestock, this bandsaw is the best bandsaw that you would potentially find in the market that is also easier on the price range. This is no surprise that more meat can easily and safely be cut on a stainless steel sliding table that comes with dual holding fences.

The Rikon 10-308 meat saw can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly for cleaning and getting back to the meat cutting business. It comes with a built-in grinder that has a special attachment for sausages that helps you in making use of all scrap cuts of the meat and turns that into delicious patties or sausages.

Some of its technical specifications include a 9-5/8 inch throat, maximum cut height of 8-1/2 inch, blade speed of 984 ft/min, table size of 22-7/16 inch by 17-5/16 inch, a grinder with a 4-1/2 inch mouth, a power motor of 3/4HP and with 110 V. The Rikon 10-308 meat saw with grinder offers a strong body that is made up of heavy-duty gauge steel sheet, comes with a sliding stainless steel table with ball bearings. Its cast aluminum wheels are sturdy and offer precise balance.


  • Is extremely easy to assemble and diassemble
  • Has a sturdy and well-balanced body
  • Has a built-in grinder and a sausage attachment
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Can be shipped directly from the manufacturer.


  • Is hard to maneuvre
  • Cleaning is painful as many parts have to be dismantled
  • Does not cater for larger pieces of meat
  • Motor rating is not ideal and less that many competitors.

Grizzly G0555 The Ultimate Bandsaw, 14-Inch

When Grizzly launched this new bandsaw in the market they called it the Ultimate bandsaw because they claimed that they have loaded this bandsaw with features that are either not available or are optional in many other competitive bandsaws available in the market in the 14-inch segment and priced similarly.

Grizzly is perhaps the only company in the world that produces such a vast range of bandsaws and with this particular bandsaw they have kept their legacy alive. The Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw if CSA certified and meets CSA 222 2 #71.2-08 and UL 987-7th standards. It has a very sturdy construction with a cast iron frame and comes with aluminum wheels that are computer balanced for maximum stability and have rubber tires for that extra grip. Some of its other features are that it comes with a heavy gauge stand made up of steel and precision-ground table made up of cast iron.

Changing blades on the Grizzly G0555 ultimate bandsaw is not very challenging and comes as a breeze with the help of a level where the blade tension can be released quickly. Blades come with adjustable speeds of 1500 and 3200 FPM.


  • Is very easy to change blades
  • Can accept blades from the size 92-1/2 inch to 93-1/2 inch
  • Comes with very easy assembly
  • Offers great accuracy
  • Offers great value for money.


  • The tensioning knobs are little tedious to work with
  • Can take a while in cutting boards or wood of 12 inch or more.

WEN 3962 two-speed bandsaw with stand and work light, 10 inch

The Wen 3962 two-speed bandsaw with stand and work light comes with 10-inch blades that can glide through six-inch deep boards. It comes with a 3.5 AMP motor and a throat size of 9-3/4 inch. The bandsaw is capable of using 72-inch blades ranging from 1/8 to ½ inches and can be used for both powerful and very intricate and detailed cuts. The bandsaw comes with a spacious work table that measures 14 by 12.5 inch, which can be easily swiveled up to 45 degrees.

Its two-speed bandsaw operation is suitable for two speed levels – 1520 or 2620 fpm. The 10-inch wheels come with ball bearings that allow for smooth operation and life-long durable performance. The stand is extremely easy to assemble and can elevate the bandsaw without compromising any work space. This bandsaw is one of the best bandsaws in this price range that can take on more wood than many other 10-inch bandsaws are not capable of handling.

Some of the additional accessories that the Wen 3962 two-speed bandsaw comes equipped with are a flexible work light that helps you to work under any light conditions and at any time of the day, a sturdy fence that helps in creating straight cuts and a 25-inch stand that lets you work with an elevated bandsaw.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Has a worldwide network of and access to skilled service technicians
  • Offers a friendly phone support line
  • Work light is an added advantage
  • Is very easy to use.



  • Is challenging to use with tight cuts
  • Changing blades is difficult and time consuming.


POWERTEC BS900 bandsaw, 9-inch

If there is a bandsaw that takes full marks in offering flexibility and convenience to its users, the Powertec BS900 bandsaw wins all hearts. Not only this, this brand name of Powertec is synonymous with an age-old history of superiority, class and performance.

The Powertec BS900 bandsaw is light and small and its compact size fits most work stations where space is an issue. Its light structure allows for mobile applications so you can move it where ever you go if you are the one who has multiple work locations. The motor size is small and is capable of producing 0.5HP at 2.5 amps and 1725 rpm and is deemed perfect for light materials such as wood and thin plastic. The small motor hardly produces any sound that makes this bandsaw one of the most ideal ones in the market.

Some may feel that its 9-inch blades rotate slowly but the cuts are so accurate, you will never complain. The bandsaw comes with quick release levers and blade guard adjustments that make this tool extremely easy to use and maintain.


  • Is very effective for household applications
  • Is one of the best ones for beginners
  • Produces very little noise and is environmentally friendly
  • Is highly versatile
  • Is a great buy at an affordable price.


  • Has a small motor size
  • Does not have any rip fence
  • Is not suited for heavy-duty professional/commercial jobs
  • Replacing blades is not easy.


SKIL 3386-01 2.5-amp 9-inch bandsaw

If your wish list for buying a bandsaw comprises one that is powerful, durable and also practical, nothing can beat the SKIL 3386-01 9-inch bandsaw. This is one bandsaw that despite having small blade size, gives you accurate and clean cuts without losing any power.


This particular model from SKIL comes with a signature motor of 2.5 amp. This type of motor is extremely powerful, which means that it can cut through a variety of metal and wood. This is a feature that many big bandsaws fail to offer and this makes this bandsaw one of the best bandsaws available in affordable pricing in the market.


The SKIL bandsaw comes with a rip fence as well that allows for clean and accurate cuts. The fence is also removable so you can put it on when you need it and remove it when you don’t need it. The bandsaw is also light weight so you can move it to your changing work stations and still get the most out of your SKIL bandsaw. One of the best features of the SKIL bandsaw is its LED feature, using which you can also brighten your dull work space and practically work at any time of the day or under any light conditions.



  • Is extremely lightweight
  • Comes with a detachable fence that is extremely useful
  • Offers a kid-friendly safety button
  • Cuts precise shapes
  • Offers adjustable table heights and angles.


  • Is not suitable for big commercial/industrial uses
  • Does not offer much clearance between the back of the saw and the blades
  • Sometimes moves very slowly.


So now that you have an idea of which are the top 10 bandsaws for you to consider for your next buy, let us consider what the key features are that you must look for when buying a bandsaw.


Key things to consider in a bandsaw


When it comes to choosing a bandsaw, you will have to make some smart choices:



A good bandsaw must have solid, heavy and cast iron wheels. This helps in balancing the bandsaw when in operation and creates a powerful effect contributing to a steady and strong cut. On the rim of the wheels are rubber tires that keep the blades on track. When you are using your bandsaw for heavy re-sawing, you need steel frames so the tires sit flat on them that help the blades to track 1 inch or more easily. Incorrect wheels on your bandsaw can result in complications during your cutting operation and can also lead to injuries or low-quality outcome. Thus it is important for your bandsaw to have properly maintained and quality wheels on.


One of the most important components of a bandsaw is its guidepost. A guidepost is the area of a bandsaw that contains the blade guard and the blade guide assembly. Depending on what the thickness of the wood is that you are planning to cut with the bandsaw, the guidepost can be adjusted using a pinion and a rack. This is important as the precise setting in the guidepost allows for clean and accurate cuts.


Behind the wheel and towards the top of the frame in the bandsaw is the spring that helps in maintaining and adjusting proper blade tension. It is mostly impossible for you to check the quality of this spring, thorough research and reading the manufacturer’s manual can help in assessing its quality. This is important as the performance of a bandsaw is a lot dependent on the blade tension that in turn is affected by the quality of the spring used.


Blade guides:

Blade guides are an important part of a bandsaw and they help to keep the blades in their true place so the cut is always clean, precise and accurate. When blades interact with wood, they tend to shift, distort or drift and this is where blade guides play an important role in keeping them on track. Quality of these blade guides is what can make or break a deal when it comes to average versus high-performing bandsaws. Different types of blade guides are Euro style guides, steel guides, guides with roller bearings, etc. When you cut something with a bandsaw, there are two reactions – forward movement of the wood and the rear movement of the blade. This results in twisting forces that are countered and controlled by the blade guides. For a bandsaw to work perfectly, these blade guides must be of good quality and must be firm so they can be adjusted accordingly.



A heavy fence is all that you need for most of your woodcutting work. However, in some cases detachable fences can work wonders and come very handy especially for small home jobs. Most bandsaws can also work with aftermarket fences that can be separately bought and come with micro-adjustable mechanisms.


Table size:

For most woodworkers, they are least worried about the size of the table. In most cases a 16-inch by 20-inch table top can suffice for most woodworking jobs. Sometimes you also get separate support stands in the market that can increase your table top. Ideally, your table top should be made up of heavy cast iron and should allow for adjustment with different angles.



Choosing the right blade for your bandsaw is also equally important to get the most out of your bandsaw. The different tooth patterns that sit with blades are skip tooth, hook tooth wavy set and raker set. Different tooth types perform differently depending on what type of wood you will be cutting using your bandsaw, so it is important to study well how each type of tooth is suited for different types of jobs – for example, hook tooth blades are widely used for non-ferrous metals and hardwood. Skip tooth are used for softer metals, while wavy and raker tooth blades are suited for ferrous metals.


Band wheels:

Band wheels are used to transmit power of the motor to the blade. It is important for the wheels to be well balanced to reduce vibration and precise blade tracking, and that is where band wheels play a crucial role in the overall performance of the bandsaw.



Most bandsaw frames are made up of welded and folded sheet steel. Frames are important to provide a rigid and a strong framework that helps in withstanding stresses when the blade is tensioned. When the frame of the bandsaw lacks sufficient strength, the bandsaw will distort under load and pulls the top and bottom band wheel boxes altogether.



As a good motor is at the heart of any machine, the same applies to bandsaws as well. The performance of a motor must always be considered when buying a bandsaw as it must be big enough to complete all intended tasks. When a motor lacks power, it can cause the blade to slow down or stop completely in the middle of a task, which can be very irritating and cause a lot of time wastage.


The main reason you would buy a bandsaw is to cut logs of wood and ripping down billets. Ripping requires a decent amount of horsepower. A motor with less than 1HP will have a hard time with wood blanks.


So basically some quick things that you must check before buying your new bandsaw are as follows:

  • Blade rollers and blade guides must be firm enough so they have no room to play and move around.
  • Anything that is 6 inch or less in cutting height will probably not suit most of your woodcutting requirements. Cutting height is basically the distance between the saw table and the top guide, which decides the size of the wood that can easily be cut using the bandsaw. Six inch is the bare minimum for any wood turner.
  • Consider bandsaws that are fitted with at least a 1HP motor – the bigger the better.
  • A two-wheel bandsaw works better than a three-wheel bandsaw. In a two-wheel bandsaw, the blade changes direction only two times and this increases the life of the blade at least 1/3 times to that of the blade in a three-wheel bandsaw.

So what is the verdict?

A bandsaw is one of the key components of any workshop that deals in wood work. In fact, many would say that a bandsaw is actually the first tool that you must purchase for your wood workshop and while you are still learning the art. When you are buying a bandsaw, the important things to consider are the jobs that you will complete with the bandsaw, how much you will be using it in day, do you need a stationary or a mobile bandsaw, what features are most important, is your use mostly household, commercial or industrial and how much are you willing to pay, etc.

Once you consider what all matters to you, you will be able to choose a bandsaw from the top ten above that will best meet all your needs and gives you the peace of mind.

How much to pay for a domain name?

Building a website requires many ingredients, but one of the most basic ones is purchasing a domain name. A domain name is basically the online address for your website that customers type in their web browser. For example, to access Facebook, you type www.facebook.com in your web browser. Similarly to open LinkedIn, you type www.linkedin.com in your web browser.

Picking a good domain name can be crucial to the success of your website as it needs to align to the overall objective of your website and what your intent behind that website is. Researching for a good domain name can be stressful and time consuming at the same time – you will have to search for what is available and also how much each domain name is costing you. What you really want is a cheap domain name that does the job for you. It all depends on who you choose for your domain name and for how long will you rent that particular domain name to run your website.

New domain names

If your need is to rent a new domain name that has never been used, their charges are much lower than existing, much popular domain names. There are many websites available that help you lease domain names from online hosting websites. Some of those popular web-hosting websites are A Small Orange and GoDaddy. The amounts that these websites charge for domain names depend on the amount of data you will use for your website. To give you an example, renting a new domain name using the web-hosting website GoDaddy, you can be ready to spend anything between $10 and $13 for a .com or a .net domain name. If the new domain name that you are trying to rent belongs to a common pool of domain names, you may find yourself paying a lot more to get a different domain extension to set it apart from the other domain names. One of the websites that you can access to check the prices of different available cheap domain names is DomComp.

Existing domain names or old domain names

In case new domain names do not excite you and you really want to get an older domain name that someone already owns and is already in use, be prepared to shed a lot more money out of your pocket. For buying domain names that are old, established and existing, the first thing you will have to do is to contact the owner of that domain name to see if they are selling it or renting it to someone else or not. There are some web-hosting websites in the market that can help you in brokering, but if the owner decides on a specific price of their domain name, you will pretty much have to pay what the owner is demanding in case you are very strongly interested in buying or renting their domain name.

For this particular reason, there is no single source of truth where you can find out how much an existing domain name can cost you. What you can get from the web are the details of the person/company that owns a particular domain name and then it is up to you to contact the owner of the domain name you are interested in and explore if they can offer you a domain name. One of the websites that can help you find out who owns a domain name is ICANN WHOIS.

The job of wildlife control services

Wildlife control services or wild animal control services are fully insured and licensed companies that work full time and serve all types of clients – residential, commercial and industrial – in wild life control and management.

There are many such companies operating in the United States that have years of experience in dealing with wild animal management issues in urban settlements. They ensure that wild animal control happens in complete accordance with a particular state’s laws and regulations around wildlife management, protection and conservation.

The main job of wild animal control services is to help wild animals and the customers with the best and the safest wildlife management techniques. They keep an eye on conflicts between human and wild animals and try and resolve them to the best of their capabilities so neither the wildlife nor humans are adversely affected.

One of the main strategies that wild animal control services apply in such conflicts is called integrated wildlife management, which is a process that helps such companies look at the holistic picture in a situation and put together a number of appropriate strategies to mitigate the problem. Such companies also specialize in working together with many other agencies such as local councils, municipalities, industrial accounts, property management agencies, etc. to bring in proper solutions that don’t affect the urban settlement at a particular location.

Where wildlife causes extreme damage, wild animal control services work with specialists such as onsite managers to put in place proper remedies for solving problems caused by wild animals. In cases where a state brainstorms new regulations for wildlife control, such agencies work closely with the local authorities in those states to study the current wildlife situation and come up with appropriate laws to govern, handle and manage wild animals in that area. Where universities need information or samples for research purposes, wild animal control services helps them get the relevant data to complete their research or study.

Wildlife control services perform the following duties in addition to the ones listed above:

  • Proofing birds
  • Removing birds and squirrels from fireplaces, chimneys, etc.
  • Removing wild animals from inaccessible locations such as crawl spaces
  • Proofing sheds and decks against wild animals
  • Installing vent covers
  • Eliminating and controlling wild animal odor
  • Removing dead animals.

Wild animal control services are proactive in understanding customers’ problems and provide responsive management services t avoid problems caused by wildlife. Some common wild animals that such agencies encounter problems with on a regular basis comprise squirrels, bats, chipmunks, skunks, moles, opossums, raccoons, etc. Sometimes they also deal with occasional wild life visitors, mostly belonging to the category of insects, such as crickets, beetles, ladybugs or earwigs.

Best radar detectors to help you

Imagine you are enjoying your favorite music in your car least worried about the world and that is when it all happens – a speeding ticket. How frustrating – isn’t it. Now imagine you had something that helped locate the exact locations of speed cameras on the road ahead of you even before you spotted them yourself? You are sure you want to buy a radar detector.

There are so many of them available in the market today that it is very easy for you to confuse yourself and get tricked. So here we cut the crap and have selected for you a list of best radar detectors that you can find in the market.

Escort Max 360

This is perhaps the best radar detector in the market that is the most accurate and packed with a lot of features. There is no other detector that can analyze law enforcement better than this one. It is an ideal device for drivers who are in need of maximum protection from speeding tickets. It does cost a bit around $650, but believe it, it is worth every dollar you spend. It is one of the most expensive radar detectors but when you see its list of features you will not complain.

Some of the most eye-catching features of Escort Max 360 include dual antennas along with directional arrow capabilities. It can also seamlessly connect to your smart phone so you can network with other drivers on the road for a safe drive. It comes with an extremely powerful processor and GPS that removes all false signals and gives you clear instructions.

The one other thing that puts this above the rest of radar detectors in the market is its community protection system. You can connect to Escort Live via Bluetooth, which is a free community-protection app that helps you with details such as speed limits, red light camera locations, etc.

Whistler CR93 laser radar detector

Not costing a fortune but giving you pretty decent protection – that is what the Whistler CR93 laser radar detector does. Costing around $300, this radar detector can be easily mounted on your windscreen and clear blue display helps pop the messaging out so you can read it clearly while still concentrating on driving. Its internal CPS is capable of identifying speeding cameras and red light cameras with full accuracy if your radar detector is updated with the database. Like the Escort Max 360, the Whistler CR93 laser radar detector it also filters down false alarms, so what reaches you is what is valuable to you.

With not costing much on your pocket, this radar detector is one of the most remarkable ones available in the market today. It is also worth noting that the Whistler CR93 is the only radar detector that displays messages in two languages – Spanish and English – and offers real voice alerts.

Valentine One V1

If you want to stick with the one that has been there in the market for a long time and has been tested by many, the Valentine One V1 radar detector is your best choice. It has been outperforming many other radar detectors in the market since the 90s and is still keeping a good pace. This is the one you need if you want to keep real track of where the police is and in which direction. Costing a little more than the Whistler CR93 but not as much as the Escort Max 360 radar detector, the Valentine is one of the best mid-ranged radar detectors you will find.

It includes laser detection, an impressive range and dual radar antennas that together can help you clean your driving record clean. Although all of its features are noteworthy, the one that catches your attention is directional automatic notifications that help you locate upcoming radar signals.

When it comes to radar detectors, you can trust the experts who test every new radar detector that is launched in the market in real-life situations to remove the dirt and give you a clear idea on the best radar detectors in the market. The list can still be endless based on a number of features such as their price factor, feature list, GPS capability, networking capability, ease of use, etc. but you will still not be able to escape seeing the above three when you are in the store shopping for your next best radar detector.


Back to school with braces – some tips you should know

Going back to school with braces can be a stressful time for students who recently got their braces or will get them in the near future. Whilst they worry about whether it will be embarrassing for them in front of other students, the thing they should be more careful about is the change they will have to make to their daily routine.

Here are some quick tips to help you if you are heading back to school with braces.

Always keep the braces kit handy in your backpack

If you are new to braces, it is essential for you to keep the kit in your backpack when you go to school. Sometimes you can face challenging times with braces on and having a kit with you can prepare you well for such situations. Things to add to your braces kit can include dental floss, a toothbrush and toothpaste and dental wax, etc. it is preferred to clean your braces using dental floss after you eat lunch at school. With new braces, sometimes you can experience pain or an irritating feeling on your lips or gums. Applying some dental wax to the problem area can help reduce the problem.

Keep an eye on what you eat

When you are new to the world of braces, your orthodontist will advise you to avoid certain food types for some time. Food containing sticky items, crunchy food, gooey food, etc. should be avoided if possible as they have the tendency to damage your braces. To avoid strange food temptations at school, you should pack food items such as yogurt, juices, etc. to satisfy your food cravings and eat food that is safe for your new braces.

When you are going back to school with braces, make a habit to start getting lunch from home. This way your mom knows what food is best for your braces and will accordingly so you don’t suffer from damaged braces or broken wires.

Make a point to stay hydrated

One thing you must always have with you when you are going back to school with braces is your water bottle. Drinking lots of water during the day will not only keep you hydrated for the busy day at school, it will also remove any food items that are stuck to your wires or braces and keep your braces clean at all times.

This can also help you if you are tempted to drink soda drinks at school because they can harm your teeth, which will be difficult to get cleaned because of braces on. If you still drink soda or other sugary drinks, make sure you use a straw so it can stay away from your teeth as much as possible.

You may think making all these changes to your life is hard and challenging especially when you are excited about going back to school but not sure about the braces. Every change brings with it its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. We agree, it is hard to ignore the disadvantages but if you can you will find that you will start to embrace your braces and your life will be back to normal much before than you would have ever expected.


Key tips to take care of yourself as a woman

A woman in today’s modern world has a lot of responsibilities. Nonetheless to say that there is never an ‘alone’ time for a woman as we are always juggling to balance family, friends and work and getting things right for everyone around us. But where does that leave us on taking care of our own self – our body, mind and soul? It is easy for a woman to not worry too much about their personal health and fitness but agree or not, it is indispensable to take care of yourself as you would of people around you.

Here is a quick list of some top tips that will help you take care of your body as a woman.

Lemon and warm water do wonders
There is nothing like starting your busy day with warm water and lemon. If you can abandon that coffee in the morning and switch to a warm cup of water with one lemon squeezed into it, there is nothing like it. Just some of the advantages of this are that it helps in digestion, burns fat and boosts your metabolism that keeps you going for the whole day.

Meditation helps
Working hard throughout the day can be stressful, both for your mind and body. So a great tip on taking care of your body as a woman is to meditate even if it is for 15 minutes in a day. All you need to do is simply sit down and focus on your breath and concentrate for some time. This is a great therapy to help you release all the pressure from your body, mind and soul and refresh yourself from all the activities you have carried out during the day.

Have a spa day
How wonderful can it be to indulge in pure relaxation for one full day? Help your body to unwind by escaping into the world of spa and pamper yourself for a day. You can do all sorts of things at a spa – mud baths, massages, facials, sauna, etc. Gone are the days when spas were a deal for only the rich and fancy. It is very affordable today and once you have it, you always want to keep coming back. The rebirth and the relaxation that a spa can offer are unmatched, and it is undoubtedly one of the best tips on taking care of your body as a woman.

Sleeping is priority
No matter how much there is still left for you to finish in a day, never replace your sleeping hours with anything else – your body will thank you for giving it enough sleep. When you sleep, your body cells are relieved and are capable of repairing the damaged and tired cells during the day to prepare them for the activities for the next day.

As a woman, your role in the life of your near and dear ones is special, so it is important that you treat your body as special too. A calm mind and a healthy body will help you carry out everything that a busy day demands. So pay attention to your body and give it the respect it so truly deserves.

Experience kayaking in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City in Maryland is the perfect holiday destination for many travelers around the world – especially people who are fond of the water as the place boasts of at least 10 miles of beautiful beach. A great family holiday, a fantastic wedding destination, long days of fishing or golfing or just relaxing by the beach, Ocean City offers it all.

One activity that water lovers keep coming back to Ocean City for is kayaking. Kayaking in Ocean City in Maryland is one of the best ways to experience the diverse and beautiful ecosystem the place offers to its visitors. Local flora and fauna are best viewed and experienced by kayaking in some of the remote waters in Ocean City. Some places here will be abundant with local flora and fauna and other places may be more accessible and safer to kayaks. So, wise decision making and talking to locals are a must for explorers especially from overseas.

And what exactly is kayaking and what is the hype about? For people who think all water sports are alike, equally adrenaline pumping and engine powered, they are mistaken. Kayaking is perhaps the best human-powered water sport that is deemed the best to get the most of Ocean City. The place offers an integrated system full of waterways and kayaking brings together all the excitement that you need to explore the water life here.

Our ancestors started using kayaks for exploring the water world around them in search of food. Who would have thought that a medium that was generated out of need many years back will become one of the most fun-loving water activities around the world today? The thrill of observing animals in their natural habitats in Ocean City is perhaps an experience that is unmatched and one of its kind around.

Whichever area in Ocean City is on your list to fully cover, kayaking is the best way. Whether you want to start your day kayaking at Assateague, see the beautiful shores there and check the local wildlife especially ponies or whether your aim is to fully check out the integrated inland waterways around the Chesapeake Bay, kayaking is your perfect companion. There are many local companies that offer kayaking tours and private kayaking experiences at reasonable prices to help overseas travelers make the most of their holiday. These companies offer both guided and unguided kayaking tours for experienced, returning and first-time visitors.

No holiday in Ocean City, Maryland is complete without kayaking. But there are some things to keep in mind before you start paddling in the waters. You need to consider the weather, the tides and in which direction you are heading. It is generally not safe to kayak if a rainy day or windy day is expected ahead. Again the tides are generally friendly far south and so is the boat traffic so you have free waters to kayak without too much effort. On the other hand, if you plan to go further north towards the inlet, you need to be mindful as tides can be dangerous and boat traffic too much to handle at times. Experienced kayaks have suggested avoiding inlets in north all together and it is a piece of advice one must take as no one wants their holiday converted into a nightmare.

Kayaking far south in the waters you will find yourself in the midst of a wide variety of birds, hills and tall trees. If you are in the narrow boat channel area, you will have to watch out for other boats. If you are hiring equipment from kayaking companies in the area, most of them provide you with well-maintained equipment along with safety guards, etc., so you have to worry the least about the equipment and can fully concentrate on the experience. These companies organizing tours also have pick-up and drop-off points from your hotel and give you marked up maps that you can follow for clear instructions on landmarks, which places to avoid, where to see great flora and fauna and how to make the most of your kayaking experience.

Ocean City has a lot to offer to you in terms of flora and fauna and you can be ready to see some fantastic animals and birds in their natural habitat, such as ponies, egrets, turtles, crabs and eagles, among many others. Keeping all the above points in mind, doing the right research, listening and talking to the locals and observing other kayaks around you will keep you safe and make your kayaking experience in Ocean City a memorable one for years to come.