Smart phone cables: There’s no looking back in this business

If you are still in the old world thinking smart phone cables are dull and boring, you are probably missing on the big business avenue the market is offering today. When you buy a smart phone, you always get a charging cable (often called a charger) by default, but ask yourself – is that the smartest or the most useful charger for your smart phone? Perhaps not! All it does is do the bare minimum.

So what does this leave you with? There is a big opportunity to help customers move away from the simplest chargers to the smartest and the most useful chargers for their smart phones. For example, the online market today offers an iPhone 5 charger that lets you charge your phone and also sync multiple devices at the same time – something that you can never achieve with the default Apple chargers that accompany your iPhone. Of course, there are many cheap ones in the market too, but then it is easy to stay away from them after quickly checking if they are certified with mobile companies such as Apple and Samsung or not.

The age-old problem with smart phone chargers is that they all are different and cannot be used with other phones models (mostly even from the same company). Life will be so easy if there was just one lightning cable to meet all your charging requirements for different smart phones in your household. Another aspect of chargers is that they don’t always have to look black or white.

That’s where some innovators saw an opportunity and came up with fancy-looking and colourful charging cables to suit different personalities, tastes, etc. And colourful chargers are also time saving as you can locate them from a distance or from a pile of nested black/white charging cables. If you think black is still in, there are some cool ones in black with aluminium connectors that look great and have their own charm.

Another benefit with these is they come in different lengths as well – so you don’t have to lean over your couch or bed to access your phone while it is still charging. These are small conveniences when looked at separately, but put them all together and they open doors to easy and smart living that everyone is after in today’s busy life.

We are sure there are times during the day when you are tirelessly trying to plug the USB end of your charger into the plug and realise you are holding it the wrong way. Irritating, isn’t it? That problem is solved too by another technological advancement made to lightning/charging cables that are reversible so you can plug them from both sides. How handy can such chargers be! It is indeed time to change and move away from the boring chargers mobile companies offer you.

The smart ones available in the market are not just extremely useful; they look brilliant, are very handy and meet multiple purposes. That is what defines a smart lightning/charging cable for a smart phone. This is the right business to tap into before it is too late.


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