Hear the makeup story from a girl’s side

Why do girls take so long to put on makeup? This is one question that every man asks then a woman accompanies him to an event, a party, a wedding or even a simple evening out or a dinner.

When you see to this from a girl’s side, you will empathize with them as there is so much to choose from and so much to wear on the face that they would argue the more time you give them the better they will look. Funny you would think? Well, here is an explanation.

The journey to makeup starts from the skin. As much as everyone wishes they had that flawless skin without any blemishes, red marks, acne spots, black spots, it is nearly impossible with the amount of work, stress and other changes a woman deals with on a daily basis. So let us agree, it takes time to convert your flawed skin to a flawless looking one by applying a number of creams, lotions and foundation layer after layer. And not just that, it takes time to blend each layer into the skin properly so the end product does not look like a badly done cake with icing on top that you can clearly distinguish between. This step is important not just for the reason we have mentioned above but also because it keeps their skin moisturized and serves as the right base for the next round of makeup, so it stays on for the day. Not to mention the glow this process adds to the skin is unmatched.

Then comes the real deal with the makeup. Imagine you are inside one of those Sephora stores and you will be surprised to see the range of mascaras, eye shadows, etc. that you can find there. Of course, it is hard to select which one goes the best with a girl’s skin tone.  Now imagine all those fantastic products chosen down to a few and nicely put in a cosmetic bag or a drawer. How can one expect a woman to make a quick selection of which foundation, eye shadow, lip color, etc. to choose for the night?  Look at it from a woman’s point of view and the decision is extremely hard. What she is really trying to do is get all the combinations right to look just perfect for the next moment and perfection takes time! So here is your answer to why girls take so long to put on makeup.

And makeup does not end there. Making your hair is another aspect to completing the makeup look for a girl. Will loose hair suit the smoky eyes or or should a bun complete that look is a hard decision to make and one that requires time. It can take anything between 5 and 15 minutes to think about the appropriate hair style and try a few options before sticking with the one look. And don’t forget the outfit. Although it technically does not fit the definition of makeup, but yet it is a crucial part of completing the look and so does require some time. The shoes, the handbag, the nail paint, etc. are all what matters to a girl when it comes to getting ready and leaving one element means losing out on an opportunity to look more appealing.

And to spice up things a bit, ask a woman this question and you will realize what we have covered here is just the beginning.



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