AmazonBasics Security safe: is it good?

If you are one of those who keep valuables in home – important documents, jewelery, expensive things, etc. – you probably need a safe box to secure your items and protect them from any theft. There are many security safes available in the market today but not all of them give you the level of security they claim they do. So it is important to filter from the crap, the ones that are really worth the price you pay to keep your valuables safe in them.

One such safe box that is very cost effective and offers the best value for money is AmazonBasics security safe. This safe box offers a lot of space that is big enough to keep all your valuables and also helps you to organize them so finding things is easy for you when you need them. It comes with a solid steel structure, which is extremely hard to break into. In case you lose power, there is an additional keypad that is electronic that comes with backup keys that can come to your rescue.

Some of the features that AmazonBasics security safe offers, apart from its steel body, are its removable shelving form inside to increase the room, fully carpeted interior, contemporary design, concealed bolts and hinges and electronic lock along with fully digital access. All hinges and bolts on this safe box are concealed, which makes the box extremely hard to crack open. It also comes with a four-point mounting system that allows you to keep the safe at a location that you deem best – on the floor, mount it on a wall or on a shelf.

The outer steel body offers complete safety and reliability along with long-lasting strength. The total dimensions on this box measure 13.8 inches by 9.8 inches by 9.8 inches. From the interior, it measures 13.5 inches by 8.75 inches by 9.5 inches, which is big enough to hold your valuables such as ammo, handguns, important documents or jewelery.  The electronic system on the safe box allows for reliable, easy and quick access at any given point in time. The box also is reasonably priced so you are not burning your pocket while you buy a safe box that meets all your requirements.

Is there any disadvantage of this safe box? Well, there is just one that we can think of. AmazonBasics security safe is not fireproof or waterproof; however, many other safe boxes that you get in this price range do not offer this feature. There are people who have claimed that their box and its valuables survived unharmed in the event of a fire or water leakage, so that does say something about this safe box.

As a conclusion, the AmazonBasics security safe box is your perfect companion if you are looking for an ideal low-cost safe box to keep your valuables secure inside your house all times of the day, even when you are not at home. If you must keep personal belongings at home, it is always safe to put them in a security box rather than openly – so buy a safe box today!


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