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Have you or any of your near or dear ones suffered from addiction? If you have seen it, you know it can destroy life – not just yours but of your loved ones as well. It is, indeed, a heartbreaking experience.

Drug addiction can appear to be the end of the road with no light shining and no clear way out. What you feel is unmatched – both helpless and painful. But it is not all that bad. Rehabilitation is always available for you and there are detox centers that can help you in your drug rehab journey.

If you have decided that you need to take control back of your life and start looking at the brighter tomorrow, you are sure on the path to joining the best drug rehab center that can make the road easily accessible. Look no further – talk to the professional team at Detox of South Florida today.

Our team understands that recovery from drug and alcohol is not easy. It takes a lot of courage, great level of commitment and fighting new battles every day. But we ensure that we create the right support system in place to support your recovery along with your family and friends.

Every patient is different with their level of drug abuse and the level of recovery they need. So our drug rehab programs are especially designed to be tailor made to meet your needs for drug rehabilitation.

At Detox of South Florida, we are known as one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Florida. We make you feel at home and work with you to carve your path to healing, recovery and most importantly hope. Our job is to help you with the right strategies and tools that give you success at every stage to your full recovery.

Our drug and alcohol rehab recovery programs comprises two stages: drug detox followed by drug rehab.

Drug detox

On your road to rehabilitation, it is important to first become sober so you can start acknowledging the problem and discover what triggers it and together plan your rehab journey.

This is where we start each program with drug detox. At Detox of South Florida, we give special attention to detox and make it the first level of care patients. The period of detoxification can vary in treatment and its length from individual to individual based on their history with drug use, its symptoms and the kind of drug use.

Our medical team works tirelessly and offers non-medical services as well. Based on each client’s need, our team enters into consultation with other credentialed and trained medical professionals to prepare the best roadmap for each client – health screenings, detox treatment plans, protocols, medications and medical advice.

Our friendly staff also helps our patients to participate in group activities and counselling sessions that help them in gaining morale and feeling more confidence each passing day.

We know detox is hard and that is the reason our rehab center in Florida believes in finding new ways to successfully detox our patients and clients. Detox of South Florida provides round-the-clock supportive and educated staff that helps clients in taking the first brave step towards drug rehab and recovery.

Why Detox of South Florida for your drug detox?

We offer high-quality alcohol treatment program

We are one of the top alcohol rehab centers in South Florida and we understand the complexities involved in addiction treatment programs. Over the last many years, we have helped many people overcome their addiction and lead a sober life ever after. In the year 2012, about 17 million people in the US suffered from alcohol use disorders and so you are not alone if you are sailing in the same boat. If you acknowledge the problem and take a stand to fix it, you have a high chance of recovery at Detox of South Florida.

Our detox program offers:

  • one of the best quality alcohol care and assistance programs in South Florida by professional and experienced medical staff.
  • Optimum care and treatment against any pain or discomfort you may experience during the detox process.
  • follow-up care and treatment to prevent relapse.

Have you been consuming alcohol as a depressant? A depressant slows down the functions of your central nervous system affecting your thinking power and body metabolism terribly. It also affects your emotions, vision, hearing, movement and perception. However the biggest mistake many people make is to think alcohol abuse is not that big a problem that any other drug abuse is. If you think like this, you are mistaken. Never find your own home remedies to treat your alcohol addiction as it is as harmful for you, your body and your family as any other drug is. Talk to the team at Detox of South Florida to help you with alcohol addiction.

Drug rehab

Once you have successfully cleared stage one comprising drug detox, we take the leap to drug rehab. Drug rehab helps you to deal, cope and grow in a constructive environment. This also gives you the confidence and shows you light at the end of the tunnel, so we together can work hard in accelerating on the road to success.

At Detox of South Florida, our team of medical professionals are here to help you get equipped to live a sober life.

What a typical drug rehab day at Detox of South Florida looks like?

We start with helping you get rid of your old bad habits and replace them slowly with new healthy habits. We introduce them slowly in your life so you can carry them forward when you leave or rehab center in South Florida as a completely transformed person waiting to start a glorious tomorrow.

A typical day at Detox of South Florida starts with a healthy breakfast that leads into a group session from our educated therapist or counselor. In this session, we will talk about multiple things relating to your treatment process, the 12-step drug rehab program, your addiction and recovery mechanisms. We will help you discover your drug triggers and talk to you about how best to avoid them.

This helps in building a good start to your day where your thought process is triggered by learning new and healthy ways to lead life and get rid of drug or alcohol addiction.

In the afternoon, we hold an intense therapy session, which includes a number of activities.

  • Group treatment: this helps in sharing your challenges and experienced with other people in the group that are following the same path to drug rehab at our center in South Florida We have seen that this activity leads to psychological recovery that has proven very beneficial in a  number of our previous clients.
  • Private behavioral therapy: At Detox of South Florida, we believe in cognitive behavior modification (CBT) methods to treat drug addiction. Using CBT, our trained therapists help to find out your behavioural action to different triggers, using which they plan out your treatment calendar and the best tools that will work for you for your drug rehab program.
  • Specialized sessions: Not all rehab centers provide specialized therapy sessions, but that is where Detox of South Florida is regarded as the best rehab center. We believe in tailor-made sessions on anger management, sorrow counselling or tension management that offer coping strategies to help you manage the after-effects of leaving alcohol or drug.
  • Household treatment: We believe in working together with your best support system – your family – so we include them in our rehab programs.

Our drug rehab center in South Florida also offers many other supplemental treatments such as art/music therapy, dance treatment, biofeedback, neurofeedback and exercise programs. These are based on the interest of the residents in our rehab center and can be made use of in their downtime especially in the afternoon.

At night time after dinner, is one of our most effective and popular rehab programs called the 12-step program. Run in a conference-like fashion, this program cultivates fellowship and long-term sobriety in our residents and rehab patients.

So this does give you an overview of how Detox of South Florida is different from many other rehab centers that you have been reading about in your local newspapers. We don’t believe in false marketing. We don’t take you as mere clients – we take you seriously and genuinely believe in helping you take that first step towards drug or alcohol rehab.

If you are thinking about rehab, there is no delaying. Enter into rehab today with Detox of South Florida! Speak to one of our treatment experts and let us help you find the right treatment center.

How we, at Detox of South Florida, are different from others?

  • We are the best Florida rehab and detox center for drug/alcohol addiction.
  • We are close to you. If you live in South Florida, you don’t need to travel miles to find the best rehab center. We are right at your doorstep. Detox of South Florida offers the best rehab facility that is centrally located in South Florida and is easily accessible by public and private transport alike.
  • Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and sincere. We have a team of experts working in this field for a very long time and have a long history of helping many drug addicts in their path to drug-free healthy living. Our center takes pride in our qualified, professional, dedicated ad compassionate team of professionals who work tirelessly in helping you on your drug rehab journey.
  • We accept your insurance cover. The least you have to worry about when you start your rehab program with Detox of South Florida is about paying all the medical expenses. We accept multiple insurance covers and that peaks about our high-quality services and that of an established drug rehab center in South Florida.
  • We provide you with personal care and any additional support that is needed. Our drug rehab programs are custom made to suit your level of drug abuse, drug addiction, what recovery look like for you and what kind of family support you have. All this helps us in coming up with a custom-made recovery plan for you that works for you and will accelerate your path to recovery.
  • We offer round-the-clock service and consultation to all our patients and our clients, so your rehab help and support are just a call or a drive away. You can call us at any time or walk in our rehab center for the right advice and consultation. Our team of professionals and medical experts understand drug addiction, drug detox and drug rehab and can help you come up with a plan of action to end your struggle with drug attention.
  • We offer detox and rehab programs for a range of drugs, substances and alcohol. At Detox of South Florida, we understand that you can get addicted to different types of drugs, substances or alcohol and that each drug requires its own treatment and rehab plan. We can help you with rehab programs against a variety of drugs such as prescription drugs, benzos, street drugs, opiates, alcohol, methadone and methamphetamines, etc.
  • Your recovery is our number one priority and our vision. We are not just another rehab center near you that believes in making money by hook or crook. Our organization’s aim is just one and that revolves around your personal drug rehabilitation journey and success. We offer a world-class facility with new machines, tools and recovery mechanisms with the best team of medical professionals in town that work tirelessly with you to end your drug addiction and bring soberness back into life. At our rehab center in South Florida, we treat all our patients with respect and dignity regardless of their level of drug addiction.

We can build a firm foundation for your lifelong recovery and offer full custom support to all our clients at every stage of their recovery process.

So don’t wait any further. Start your journey to recovery today, and call your life addiction free. Call our professional team at Detox of South Florida to know more about our drug/alcohol detox and rehabilitation process.


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