Best sofa brands for you to consider

Just like you need your bed the most at night, during the day it is the sofa or the couch in your house that is your best companion. In fact not just yours, it also makes your guests feel comfortable and have a good time when they are at your place. Of course, it needs to tick all the boxes in terms of providing the best comfort, providing ample seating for the family, not costing a fortune and  sticking in for some years at the least.

When there are so many brands and players in the market, it can be very challenging to find out which sofa brands is the best value for your money and which ones can blindly be ignored. Again, people’s preferences when buying sofas can be different can that can rank brands accordingly, but there is some basic stuff that everyone is looking for in their couch.

Sofas come in different shapes and sizes and with different types of accessories. And why not because different people use it for different purposes – some use it for watching their favourite movie, some for working from home, some for just reading a book, for eating, etc. So as the purpose of a sofa, also referred to by other names such as a couch, a settee, a davenport or a divan, varies from person to person, the sofa-making companies today cater for almost each of your needs and manufacture sofas in  varied shapes, sizes, frames, colors, etc.

So when you have so much variety to consider, what are some of the basic things you must keep in mind when buying a sofa. Let us talk about the basic parameters of buying a sofa first and then look at some of the top sofa-making brands that you can buy from.

  • It needs a solid frame along with well-placed joints.
  • Springs must be of good quality.
  • It should come with good-quality and comfortable cushioning system.
  • It must come with tough textiles so it can last for long.

Some of the best sofa brands that you can check out on Amazon and buy from are as follows:

Divano Roma Furniture

Check the collection on Amazon

Sofas and couches from this particular company are indeed one of the best in the market. They come in varied shapes, sizes and colors to match your taste, personality and room layout. Need a sofa cum bed kind of a setup? No problem as this brand offers some of the most popular convertible sofas that are highly durable and are also affordable at the same time.

Let us just pick their convertible sofa and talk a bit about that, which is also a split back sleeper. Once you have sorted the minor assembly that is needed with this sofa-cum-bed, you can treat yourself to full relaxation and comfort. The sofa comes in 100 per cent bonded leather and is extremely innovative. Owing to its flexible design, this sofa can easily fit a studio apartment where space is always an issue. With so many plus points, are there any negatives? Well, the only one we can think of is that the sofas from Divano Roma Furniture are a bit pricey as compared to others in the market and assembly can be tedious sometimes.


Check the collection on Amazon

Serta furniture is famous for their intricate designs, durable frames and everlasting performance. This company puts their heart and soul in furniture making and believes in manufacturing nothing but the best for their customers. Most of their couches are built in house using hardwood or plywood that talks about their high durability and performance.

Each individual piece is hand reinforced at the corners using blocks, glue and staples, so the entire frame stands sturdy and provides maximum safety when used. Their sofas come with a variety of cushions but each is super comfortable and it uses superior density and compressed foam for extra protection and comfort. They are fully made in the United States in their manufacturing units and most of them come with a year’s warranty as well.

The only cons can be that most of their collection is fabric based, which can go smelly after few years and requires more care. Some customers have also complained that the seating depth is not great on some of their couches and they sit a bit shallow.


Check the collection on Amazon

If your choice sticks with sectional sofas or couches that sit very well at an L-shaped corner in your living, you must check out the great range of sectional sofas from Poundex. Their couches feature two pieces that can either be placed together like and ‘L’ or separately as the space in your room allows.

These sofas mostly come with great flexibility and layout options as they offer adjustable back support. They also feature modern contemporary designs with chrome legs that can add that special touch to your living zone.

The seating cushions are soft though, so if you are after really firm seating support, this brand may not just be for you.


Check the collection on Amazon

Ashley is one of the best known furniture houses in the United States for affordable furniture and deal directly with customers through their franchise home stores all over the country.

Their sofas and couches are mostly two or three seater and are very plush and comfortable. Most of their range tends to focus heavily on traditional designs, they have also started to cater for modern contemporary living.

Their couches cannot be rated the best for sure but giving the reasonable price, they are a great value for money. You can easily buy your couch from Ashley if you are buying furniture for your first home or if your budget is very tight.

GDF Studio

Check the collection on Amazon

Great colors, retro designs, best suitable as two seaters side pieces are what define sofa and couches from GDF Studio. GDF Studio is an international brand and has invested heavily in the market in the United States. Because of its global appeal, its designs range from mid century to contemporary and customers who have bought their couches say it is absolutely great value for money and highly durable.

The shipping sometimes can take long but it is worth the wait as the couches are aesthetically very appealing and are fully functional at the same time.


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