Podcasts to suit every mood

So it has been the buzz word for a very long time and you would think that you are not catching up with the fast-paced world if you did not know what a podcast was. But don’t worry! There is always a beginning.

A podcast is basically a series of audio (spoken) episodes dedicated to a particular topic, story or a theme. The theme could be anything – sports, politics, history, adventure, travel, etc. you can access the shows or episodes that interest you by simply downloading the podcast app on your iOS or Android devices. The app is available for download through major online stores such as iTunes and Google.

Downloading the app allows you to listen to your favorite podcast at your own leisure, when you have the time and the mental peace to engage yourself in that podcast. There is no dearth of podcasts online if you know what theme or topic you are after. For example, one of the most famous podcasts on economic facts is from BBC Radio called More or Less: Behind the Stats. It’s a very interesting and popular radio show where each podcast is a recording of an episode and each episode is collected and nicely organized in a big series collectively called the More or Less podcast. You can download either the entire series or a single episode and listen to the podcast whenever you like.

The other interesting thing that you can do with podcasts is subscribe to the ones you are interested in. This way you get automatic notifications whenever a new podcast episode is available, so you don’t miss out on any development and stay up to date with your favorite series.

Many people have wondered if podcasts are only video or are they available in video format as well. Most of the podcasts available today are audio based; however, there are some podcasts where video versions are available too. Podcasts earlier were invented as background content but their huge popularity and fan base has made the industry evolve into a bigger game player so today podcasts can educate you, entertain you and even inspire you on your favorite themes and topics of interest.

Can you make a podcast of your own? Well, if you have an internet connection and a computer, you can make your own series of podcasts and distribute them freely online. Mostly podcasts are free like any other free apps that you can download on iOS and Android devices. There are only some makes in the podcast world that have recently started to ask for a small price when someone downloads their podcasts, such as the famous WTF pod series from Marc Maron.  Another very popular podcast series that is specially designed for long-distance besties is called Call Your Girlfriend. Many fans of this podcast series have compared it to the chilliest hang movie ever.

Another one that you can be very interested in following as a podcast series is How Did This Get Made. A group of comedians, Paul Scheer, his partner Diane Raphael along with another comedian Jason Mantzoukas have funnily summarized the pain you feel when you shed about $15 for a ticket to a movie that is a complete mess and simply makes you wonder why the hell someone wasted so many dollars on creating something like this.

To conclude, there is an ocean full of podcasts online suiting different interest levels and theme. It is just a matter of time for you to find the one that interests you and engage yourself in the world of podcasts.


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