About Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd

If there is one brand that has made its mark in the Australian machinery and tool industry, it is Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd. This is a well known name as a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of machinery and tools that are vastly used down under for areas such as grinding, steel bending and forming, threading, steel cutting, hand tooling, cutting oils, lifting, HVAC service tools, spill management and rechargeable electric mowers among others.

The company works with a network of many industrial agents and resellers to widen their market and selling of all of the above products to its end consumers. Their products speak of their high performance and great craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd also work with other leading international brands such as Bramley, Garrick, Linishall, Asada, SpillFix, Toho, Irega and Super Ego. The company’s products also come with full warranties on their manufacture, so you know you can trust them if anything goes wrong with any machinery.

As for the history of the company, it was founded in March 1981 as the youngest member of the big Herbert Engineering Group. The parent company goes back to 1921 when it was established as R.R. Bramley and Co Ltd in the Auckland city of New Zealand. Later in 1954, Philip Herbert purchased the company from its original owners and started manufacturing small-range engineering machinery tools under the name Bramley. Over time the company grew manifold and its name and products started spreading in the Australian market. To give the market the professional and personal touch and to better manage the operations, Herbert’s youngest son Myles Herbert relocated to Sydney in Australia and called the company Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd as a local name for distribution of their engineering tools and machinery to the Australian market.

From this time, many international players stated above started forming alleys with Garrick Herbert to be partners in the growing machinery industry in Australia. The earliest additions in this partnership were Irega adjustable wrenches and Asada threading machines.

Today, the company is synonymous to producing and manufacturing a huge range of engineering machinery and tools both large scale and small scale. Having grown their partnership base over the years, today Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd represents a collective group of reputed players from New Zealand, Australia, China, Thailand, Spain and USA. Their partnership with other manufacturers over the world is based on one simple vision – produce only the highest quality products that meet the needs of the end customer, both residential and commercial.

In 2006, they saw another big growth when they moved their premises to a bigger land almost four times larger than their current at that time in Sydney to cater for the growing needs of the company and its distribution base. Recently in the year 2011, the company expanded its presence in the United States of America by establishing Garrick USA LLC in the Winona city of Minnesota. The company’s aim with this expansion was to tap into the Canadian and the American industrial and commercial market space and distribute some of its key product lines such as the Linishall and Bramley.


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