Acupuncture: your journey to healing

One of the best healing systems available in the world from time immemorial is acupuncture – part of the age-old Chinese medicine. Acupuncture works differently to the modern-day medicine approach by looking at all the bodily functions holistically rather than concentrating on one at a time.

The technique also works a little different to other medical treatments available in hospitals today. Acupuncture means inserting a number of fine needles into particular points in the skin, called as pressure points or acupuncture points to commence the healing process. Over the years much innovation has taken place in this old way of healing to help people who are afraid of needles. Of course not everyone is comfortable with the idea of inserting a number of needles in the body – although there is no pain, just the sheer thought is very uncomfortable for many.

To assist such people, different ways of healing them through acupuncture exist today that can still help in stimulating pressure or acupuncture points. Some of these are as follows:

  • Cupping: suction-based technique to bring blood to the pressure point
  • Moxibustion: technique that involves burning of mugwort
  • Laser: technique that uses laser beams to stimulate current at the pressure points in the body
  • Massage: using massage techniques to stimulate acupuncture points in the skin.

The ancient theory behind acupuncture is that acupuncture helps to restore naturally the flow of Qi (said as chee) that channels in the body through invisible tubes called meridians. It is when these meridians are disturbed by any internal or external activity that the overall balance in the body is disrupted that leads to illness and disease.

Problems that acupuncture can treat           

Numerous is the short answer. Acupuncture has been found useful in treating a number of illnesses and diseases with the human body. Some of these are:

  • Gynacological problems such as menopausal symptoms and painful periods.
  • Neurological illness such as migraines, bell’s palsy, shingles and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Psychological diseases such as insomnia, depression, panic attacks and anxiety.
  • Digestive imbalances such as diarrhoea, heartburns, colitis and constipation.

The above list is just a beginning. In addition to these problems, acupuncture has also proven very effective in treating a number of musculoskeletal, vascular, respiratory, retinal and epidermis diseases.

Benefits of acupuncture

Again, the benefits of acupuncture are manifold. It not only treats the underlying problem with the body, but also helps in restoring the balance and harmony of all the organs that need to work together to ensure a healthy body and mind.

With acupuncture there are some diseases that people seek healing on than others. May be it is just a matter of time when people will figure out that acupuncture can treat a number of problems with the human body rather than a few common ones that everyone knows about today.

Some of the most common benefits of acupuncture are as follows:

  • Reducing migraines and headaches: Acupuncture has proved to be the most effective healing therapy in treating migraines and headaches in patients than any other modern-day medication or medical treatment.
  • Treating arthritis, back, knee and neck pain: Studies show that patients with chronic pain in the body were effectively treated with acupuncture and that is the reason a large number of medical practitioners today refer their patients that complain about chronic pain to acupuncturists.
  •  Improving chemotherapy recovery in cancer: acupuncture can help in cancer and its treatment along with speedy recovery from chemotherapy as it can enhance and accelerate platelet count and build immunity in the body.
  • Helping in pregnancy and labor: we all know the level of stress, imbalance of hormones and anxiety that a woman carries in her pregnancy days and this is where acupuncture can be very effective.  It can help reduce the level of emotional and physical strain that pregnancy can have on the body.

The advantages of acupuncture go much beyond than one can summarize. No wonder it has been carrying on as one of the most effective healing mechanisms for humans for such a long time. What started as a Chinese medicine procedure soon spread its roots to everywhere in the world and today you can find an acupuncturist locally who can discuss with you all the healing techniques that are available and how you can benefit from acupuncture. No one likes to be ill, but is worth consulting an acupuncturist than visiting a doctor for your illness to see if you can be treated naturally rather than pushing chemicals down your body.


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