Your guide to the top 10 VR games in 2017

2017 has been the year where the virtual reality (VR) gaming industry reached a whole new level with many developers and big names entering the market and coming up with new and improved VR games.

So if you have pampered yourself recently with a great VR headset and are frantically wanting to make the best use of it by buying some great VR games, we have a list of the top 10 VR games that you can try. This list comprises VR games that you can buy on a number of headsets such as PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google’s Daydream View and Oculus Rift.


From those of you who have seen its trailer on YouTube, this VR game can be bought on your Oculus Rift headset. Arktika looks very polished and is one of the new games developed by 4A Games, a name very famous in the VR gaming industry. The frame is super fast and smooth and displays loads of detail. When you think about the color scheme and the lighting affect, you will know it closely resembles another game from this company called Metro, but only if you have played this VR game. Otherwise, the entire package will look very appealing and pleasant to buy to you.

Not just can you buy this VR game on your Oculus Rift headset, it is equally compatible with the Oculus Touch headset, which means you can easily reload the game with simple and quick hand gestures. Arktika, the new VR game from 4S Games, is packed full of action and is sure to surprise you with a lot of things.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard

This VR game is a cool addition to the series and offers you a whole new world with twisted mansion that is packed with horrors and lets you backtrack some environments that you have already explored to uncover new threats. This one can be easily bought for around $50 on your PlayStation VR. The big call out for this particular version of Resident Evil 7 is that it can be easily switched to a first-person view. It is strongly building its popularity and is a great add-on to Capcom’s long-running horror series.

Robo Recall

Compatible with your PlayStation Touch and Oculus Rift headsets, the Robo Recall game is indeed one of the top 10 best VR games in 2017. A single, simple thing that can define this game is that it is a crazy world of domestic robots going crazy in a shooter game. Developed by Epic Games, one of the leading developers of VR games for a long time, this game is surely to take all your interest and engage you whole heatedly in it.  If you have experienced the other famous VR game from this developer, Gears of War, you would realize that this one is a complete contrast to the Gears of War. And what adds to the beauty of this game is that it is totally free – well, at least for now!


This is a crowd-sourced VR game, which will be released in October but is already in the news to rise to one of the best VR games of 2017. The good news is that the game is already there in Steam since March 2017, so you do have a breather there. Playing this game, you can be fully immersed in colored dust by ancient trees and big sparkling monoliths. The game is fully narrated, which means that you will find yourself solving many puzzles as you go to dig out a forgotten past. If you are into adventurous VR games, this one will surely draw your attention.

Lone Echo

This VR game is set to engage you with an intelligent robotic assistant that is trying to find a space station during scientific research. One event takes you smoothly to another and then suddenly something happens and ruins everything. And then it is you who needs to find out what went wrong and fix it. This VR game has been rated as a zero gravity VR game and is exclusive to Oculus Rift headsets. Its excellent visuals take Lone Echo to just another level, which is hard to ignore.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Whatever you see in the VR space, it is always hard to ignore Star Trek. If you are a Star Trek fan and a Trekkie, all of your dreams are coming true with the new VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew. There are four players to take the place of tactical, captain, helm and engineering. This game is all about team work and lets you speak to your team mates loudly, which adds to the total excitement in this game.

Elite Dangerous

The Elite Dangerous VR game is perhaps the biggest space simulation game created in the history of VR gaming. If you always have dreamt about exploring space and the universe comprising billions of stars, this VR game is meant for you. The game provides you with a reign of about 400 billion star systems that will excite you at every stage.

ARK Park

This one is meant for the educational puzzler and lets you immerse yourself in the extinct world of the dinosaurs. You can pick an adventure that you like and then embark upon it using a vehicle or on foot or even on the back of any prehistoric creature – sounds cool, isn’t it? To come to a stage where you start to see some dinosaurs, you will have to solve a number of puzzles. But this VR game is very exciting and engaging is what we can bet.


This one is another one of the best VR games available for your HTC Vive headsets. A virtual game comprising a cat and a mouse, this will remind you of the famous childhood memory – the Tom and Jerry show.  This is an extremely innovative game with a very clever design and has proven to be one of the best breakout VR games of 2017.


This VR game will suit anyone with an interest in karaoke. SIngSpace is a VR game developed by the famous group behind the Guitar Hero and Rock band, Harmonix. This VR game can support up to four players, so you can enjoy karaoking with your friends not just locally but around the world.

The year 2017 and the coming years will see massive growth and innovation in the VR gaming industry where innovators are planning to explore VR gaming opportunities with Oculus touch devices. And we believe this is just the beginning to another exciting year of growth and launch of new VG games and technology.


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