Why flashlights are still popular

For the past many years, there has been a rising popularity for headlamps but that has not resulted in replacing flashlights for a number of reasons. Flashlights are the perfect companion when all you are after is a genuine, high-quality handheld light.

Flashlights are still common because:

  • they give you the perfect portable beam that is available
  • they are the best when it comes to precision and dexterity in managing the light
  • they can be great for signaling purposes
  • they can be set down to carefully work on a job.

Here is your guide to the different types of flashlights that are available in the market today.

Tactical flashlights: are the ones designed specifically for tactical purposes such as police or military. They are designed in such a way so they can be easily mounted on the top of a weapon for shooting under low-light conditions. Although much smaller than traditional flashlights, tactical flashlights tend to be more effective as they can emit more light. Lately these have also been used as a personal defence tool by many locals.

Camping flashlights: A camping flashlight is again a special type that is best for camping purposes because of some of the features it possesses. Camping flashlights are mostly LED based and come with an adjustable beam. They are also shock proof, crush proof and water resistant, which make it ideal for camping. Many of the high-quality camping flashlights also come with the wind-up recharging capability that can come in very handy especially when the battery runs our unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere.

Magnetic flashlights: Also called mechanically powered flashlights, this type works by the energy generated by the muscle power of a user so it does not need a battery to work with. The beauty of magnetic flashlights is that they are always ready to use, which makes them ideal for many purposes.

Safety flashlights: These types of flashlight are commonly used at work places where safety of employees is of utmost concern. Safety flashlights are safety certified and approved to be used in the most volatile of environments. These are mostly made of a polymer material and come in safety colors such as black and yellow.

In addition to the above, there are many other types of flashlights that you can find in your local stores or online, but it is best to start with your requirement and find the most suitable flashlight before rushing into buying one.


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