Women empowerment: its underlying principles and importance

Today’s woman is no more the weaker sex that stays inside the four walls of the house and is merely a puppet of the husband and the family. Women define much more than that and women empowerment has played a very important role in it.

Importance of women in today’s society

Women deliver many roles in daily life today – being the wife, the mother, the professional, the carer, the bread earner, etc. All of this makes women the backbone of the society in which we live. Understanding their role, giving them opportunities to grow and respecting them as being the equal half to their husbands are key to empowering women in doing better not just for themselves and their family but also for the community and the nation at a wider scale.

This forms the underlying principle of women empowerment. Many social organisations are working tirelessly in ensuring women are given equal rights to men by burning barriers of:

  • inequality
  • oppression
  • social evils
  • financial dependence.

Why women empowerment is important?

  • Developing intelligent and competent partners: Women have time and again proven that they are equally intelligent and perhaps perform better than men in many spheres of life. It is about time we boost them to grow.
  • Removing un-employment and under-employment: talking about un-employment in a country, everyone is responsible for the growth in the economy not just men. Giving women equal opportunities to work creates a better environment socially.
  • Developing the community, the society and the nation: An overall development of the society is important for the growth of the nation. Developing countries have proved that women form an important share of their economy and it is high time underdeveloped nations should learn from them.

Guiding principles behind women empowerment

Women empowerment is all about improving the legal, social, economical and political strength of women in a nation so they can:

  • execute full control over their lives, not just emotionally but financially
  • freely live on their own with a great level of dignity, self respect and self worth
  • independently make their own choices and guide their own life
  • execute equally powerful rights as their partners in all sphere of life, not just inside their family but socially as well
  • have equal role and right in economic and social justice
  • work in a safe, respectable and comfortable environment where they can roam around freely without any fear
  • get equal opportunity to pursue higher studies and careers of their choice
  • be treated equally to men for interviews, job selections, etc.
  • get the right to choose their life partner or stay single if they choose to.

Simple steps to achieving women empowerment

There are many ways in which countries such as India and other middle-eastern countries can start empowering their women in their daily lives. Much can be done but the following are just some basic steps to building a strong foundation.

  • Creating safer work places: Women can be made respected by creating safe and secure working environments for them, so their parents and partners are comfortable in sending them off to work and acquire new skills and confidence in life.
  • Cursing gender inequality: Decreasing gender inequality is key to women empowerment in any nation. This needs to happen in all industries such as education, legal, etc.
  • Educating women: It is proven that involving educated women in making key decision in the family and socially has improved the overall development of a country. An educated woman contributes towards the family and the society in multiple ways:  health, finances, nutrition, politics, etc.
  • Creating flexible working arrangements for women: There is no doubt that women as much as they are becoming the bread earner for the family, the caretaking role of the family is believed to be better handled by women. Making them easily achieve this balance in their lives is important and creating flexible working environments such as working from home, working part time or working some days of the week can help in a great way.

Women empowerment is the need of the hour and if countries still blindly ignore it, doom day is not far away. It is about time that we learn from others where women are given equal rights and opportunities and let them stand hand in hand with men in every sphere of life. It is true that places where women are not respected can never see the light of the day and giving them their forgotten place is much needed today.


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