Back to school with braces – some tips you should know

Going back to school with braces can be a stressful time for students who recently got their braces or will get them in the near future. Whilst they worry about whether it will be embarrassing for them in front of other students, the thing they should be more careful about is the change they will have to make to their daily routine.

Here are some quick tips to help you if you are heading back to school with braces.

Always keep the braces kit handy in your backpack

If you are new to braces, it is essential for you to keep the kit in your backpack when you go to school. Sometimes you can face challenging times with braces on and having a kit with you can prepare you well for such situations. Things to add to your braces kit can include dental floss, a toothbrush and toothpaste and dental wax, etc. it is preferred to clean your braces using dental floss after you eat lunch at school. With new braces, sometimes you can experience pain or an irritating feeling on your lips or gums. Applying some dental wax to the problem area can help reduce the problem.

Keep an eye on what you eat

When you are new to the world of braces, your orthodontist will advise you to avoid certain food types for some time. Food containing sticky items, crunchy food, gooey food, etc. should be avoided if possible as they have the tendency to damage your braces. To avoid strange food temptations at school, you should pack food items such as yogurt, juices, etc. to satisfy your food cravings and eat food that is safe for your new braces.

When you are going back to school with braces, make a habit to start getting lunch from home. This way your mom knows what food is best for your braces and will accordingly so you don’t suffer from damaged braces or broken wires.

Make a point to stay hydrated

One thing you must always have with you when you are going back to school with braces is your water bottle. Drinking lots of water during the day will not only keep you hydrated for the busy day at school, it will also remove any food items that are stuck to your wires or braces and keep your braces clean at all times.

This can also help you if you are tempted to drink soda drinks at school because they can harm your teeth, which will be difficult to get cleaned because of braces on. If you still drink soda or other sugary drinks, make sure you use a straw so it can stay away from your teeth as much as possible.

You may think making all these changes to your life is hard and challenging especially when you are excited about going back to school but not sure about the braces. Every change brings with it its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. We agree, it is hard to ignore the disadvantages but if you can you will find that you will start to embrace your braces and your life will be back to normal much before than you would have ever expected.



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