Best radar detectors to help you

Imagine you are enjoying your favorite music in your car least worried about the world and that is when it all happens – a speeding ticket. How frustrating – isn’t it. Now imagine you had something that helped locate the exact locations of speed cameras on the road ahead of you even before you spotted them yourself? You are sure you want to buy a radar detector.

There are so many of them available in the market today that it is very easy for you to confuse yourself and get tricked. So here we cut the crap and have selected for you a list of best radar detectors that you can find in the market.

Escort Max 360

This is perhaps the best radar detector in the market that is the most accurate and packed with a lot of features. There is no other detector that can analyze law enforcement better than this one. It is an ideal device for drivers who are in need of maximum protection from speeding tickets. It does cost a bit around $650, but believe it, it is worth every dollar you spend. It is one of the most expensive radar detectors but when you see its list of features you will not complain.

Some of the most eye-catching features of Escort Max 360 include dual antennas along with directional arrow capabilities. It can also seamlessly connect to your smart phone so you can network with other drivers on the road for a safe drive. It comes with an extremely powerful processor and GPS that removes all false signals and gives you clear instructions.

The one other thing that puts this above the rest of radar detectors in the market is its community protection system. You can connect to Escort Live via Bluetooth, which is a free community-protection app that helps you with details such as speed limits, red light camera locations, etc.

Whistler CR93 laser radar detector

Not costing a fortune but giving you pretty decent protection – that is what the Whistler CR93 laser radar detector does. Costing around $300, this radar detector can be easily mounted on your windscreen and clear blue display helps pop the messaging out so you can read it clearly while still concentrating on driving. Its internal CPS is capable of identifying speeding cameras and red light cameras with full accuracy if your radar detector is updated with the database. Like the Escort Max 360, the Whistler CR93 laser radar detector it also filters down false alarms, so what reaches you is what is valuable to you.

With not costing much on your pocket, this radar detector is one of the most remarkable ones available in the market today. It is also worth noting that the Whistler CR93 is the only radar detector that displays messages in two languages – Spanish and English – and offers real voice alerts.

Valentine One V1

If you want to stick with the one that has been there in the market for a long time and has been tested by many, the Valentine One V1 radar detector is your best choice. It has been outperforming many other radar detectors in the market since the 90s and is still keeping a good pace. This is the one you need if you want to keep real track of where the police is and in which direction. Costing a little more than the Whistler CR93 but not as much as the Escort Max 360 radar detector, the Valentine is one of the best mid-ranged radar detectors you will find.

It includes laser detection, an impressive range and dual radar antennas that together can help you clean your driving record clean. Although all of its features are noteworthy, the one that catches your attention is directional automatic notifications that help you locate upcoming radar signals.

When it comes to radar detectors, you can trust the experts who test every new radar detector that is launched in the market in real-life situations to remove the dirt and give you a clear idea on the best radar detectors in the market. The list can still be endless based on a number of features such as their price factor, feature list, GPS capability, networking capability, ease of use, etc. but you will still not be able to escape seeing the above three when you are in the store shopping for your next best radar detector.



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