Experience kayaking in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City in Maryland is the perfect holiday destination for many travelers around the world – especially people who are fond of the water as the place boasts of at least 10 miles of beautiful beach. A great family holiday, a fantastic wedding destination, long days of fishing or golfing or just relaxing by the beach, Ocean City offers it all.

One activity that water lovers keep coming back to Ocean City for is kayaking. Kayaking in Ocean City in Maryland is one of the best ways to experience the diverse and beautiful ecosystem the place offers to its visitors. Local flora and fauna are best viewed and experienced by kayaking in some of the remote waters in Ocean City. Some places here will be abundant with local flora and fauna and other places may be more accessible and safer to kayaks. So, wise decision making and talking to locals are a must for explorers especially from overseas.

And what exactly is kayaking and what is the hype about? For people who think all water sports are alike, equally adrenaline pumping and engine powered, they are mistaken. Kayaking is perhaps the best human-powered water sport that is deemed the best to get the most of Ocean City. The place offers an integrated system full of waterways and kayaking brings together all the excitement that you need to explore the water life here.

Our ancestors started using kayaks for exploring the water world around them in search of food. Who would have thought that a medium that was generated out of need many years back will become one of the most fun-loving water activities around the world today? The thrill of observing animals in their natural habitats in Ocean City is perhaps an experience that is unmatched and one of its kind around.

Whichever area in Ocean City is on your list to fully cover, kayaking is the best way. Whether you want to start your day kayaking at Assateague, see the beautiful shores there and check the local wildlife especially ponies or whether your aim is to fully check out the integrated inland waterways around the Chesapeake Bay, kayaking is your perfect companion. There are many local companies that offer kayaking tours and private kayaking experiences at reasonable prices to help overseas travelers make the most of their holiday. These companies offer both guided and unguided kayaking tours for experienced, returning and first-time visitors.

No holiday in Ocean City, Maryland is complete without kayaking. But there are some things to keep in mind before you start paddling in the waters. You need to consider the weather, the tides and in which direction you are heading. It is generally not safe to kayak if a rainy day or windy day is expected ahead. Again the tides are generally friendly far south and so is the boat traffic so you have free waters to kayak without too much effort. On the other hand, if you plan to go further north towards the inlet, you need to be mindful as tides can be dangerous and boat traffic too much to handle at times. Experienced kayaks have suggested avoiding inlets in north all together and it is a piece of advice one must take as no one wants their holiday converted into a nightmare.

Kayaking far south in the waters you will find yourself in the midst of a wide variety of birds, hills and tall trees. If you are in the narrow boat channel area, you will have to watch out for other boats. If you are hiring equipment from kayaking companies in the area, most of them provide you with well-maintained equipment along with safety guards, etc., so you have to worry the least about the equipment and can fully concentrate on the experience. These companies organizing tours also have pick-up and drop-off points from your hotel and give you marked up maps that you can follow for clear instructions on landmarks, which places to avoid, where to see great flora and fauna and how to make the most of your kayaking experience.

Ocean City has a lot to offer to you in terms of flora and fauna and you can be ready to see some fantastic animals and birds in their natural habitat, such as ponies, egrets, turtles, crabs and eagles, among many others. Keeping all the above points in mind, doing the right research, listening and talking to the locals and observing other kayaks around you will keep you safe and make your kayaking experience in Ocean City a memorable one for years to come.


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