Guide to serviced apartments in Singapore for staying long term

Hunting for good long-term serviced apartments in Singapore can be time consuming and painful especially when your wish list comprises both comfortable living and ready access to amenities.  Whether you are an individual holidaying alone, a businessman looking at opportunities in Singapore or a family with kids wanting to relax in Singapore for some time, there are plenty of serviced apartments in Singapore where you can land with loads of bags, kids and pets and stay comfortably for long term.

Many such places stand apart from the rest and make them different. Take the long-term serviced apartments by the Aurelius Group in Singapore as an example. These serviced apartments offer a fantastic combination of beauty, luxury and comfort all combined in one. Serviced apartments by the Aurelius Group are waterfront-based luxurious serviced apartments that are rated five star and come fully furnished so all you need is to come with your bags and start living long term king size.

Such long-term serviced apartments based in Singapore are designed specially to cater for corporate guests and have earned that special respect and endorsement from multi-national companies around the globe who are constantly looking for luxurious places for their staff and clients to stay in Singapore. Access to local amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, gyms, etc. is what everyone asks for and you get that if you carefully select one of the best serviced apartments from the giant list that is on offer.

Many of these long-term serviced apartments in Singapore understand that needs for adults and kids are different and they have come up with a selection of in-house facilities that cater for the likes of kids and adults at the same time. Children’s pools, play zones, tennis courts, sun decks, lap pools, recreational rooms, event rooms, barbeque open spaces, etc. are just some of the things you can find in good serviced apartments in Singapore like the one that the Aurelius Group offers.

If you are after an exceptional experience in not just how Singapore treats you but also what the residential market offers in this great place, serviced apartments offer all the charm and you are bound to come back to them and share your positive reviews with your loved ones. Their ideal location, water-facing views, in-house luxuries and comfortable stay make long-term serviced apartments in Singapore a place that many envy around the globe and an experience that stays with you beyond your stay forever.


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