How much to pay for a domain name?

Building a website requires many ingredients, but one of the most basic ones is purchasing a domain name. A domain name is basically the online address for your website that customers type in their web browser. For example, to access Facebook, you type in your web browser. Similarly to open LinkedIn, you type in your web browser.

Picking a good domain name can be crucial to the success of your website as it needs to align to the overall objective of your website and what your intent behind that website is. Researching for a good domain name can be stressful and time consuming at the same time – you will have to search for what is available and also how much each domain name is costing you. What you really want is a cheap domain name that does the job for you. It all depends on who you choose for your domain name and for how long will you rent that particular domain name to run your website.

New domain names

If your need is to rent a new domain name that has never been used, their charges are much lower than existing, much popular domain names. There are many websites available that help you lease domain names from online hosting websites. Some of those popular web-hosting websites are A Small Orange and GoDaddy. The amounts that these websites charge for domain names depend on the amount of data you will use for your website. To give you an example, renting a new domain name using the web-hosting website GoDaddy, you can be ready to spend anything between $10 and $13 for a .com or a .net domain name. If the new domain name that you are trying to rent belongs to a common pool of domain names, you may find yourself paying a lot more to get a different domain extension to set it apart from the other domain names. One of the websites that you can access to check the prices of different available cheap domain names is DomComp.

Existing domain names or old domain names

In case new domain names do not excite you and you really want to get an older domain name that someone already owns and is already in use, be prepared to shed a lot more money out of your pocket. For buying domain names that are old, established and existing, the first thing you will have to do is to contact the owner of that domain name to see if they are selling it or renting it to someone else or not. There are some web-hosting websites in the market that can help you in brokering, but if the owner decides on a specific price of their domain name, you will pretty much have to pay what the owner is demanding in case you are very strongly interested in buying or renting their domain name.

For this particular reason, there is no single source of truth where you can find out how much an existing domain name can cost you. What you can get from the web are the details of the person/company that owns a particular domain name and then it is up to you to contact the owner of the domain name you are interested in and explore if they can offer you a domain name. One of the websites that can help you find out who owns a domain name is ICANN WHOIS.

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