The job of wildlife control services

Wildlife control services or wild animal control services are fully insured and licensed companies that work full time and serve all types of clients – residential, commercial and industrial – in wild life control and management.

There are many such companies operating in the United States that have years of experience in dealing with wild animal management issues in urban settlements. They ensure that wild animal control happens in complete accordance with a particular state’s laws and regulations around wildlife management, protection and conservation.

The main job of wild animal control services is to help wild animals and the customers with the best and the safest wildlife management techniques. They keep an eye on conflicts between human and wild animals and try and resolve them to the best of their capabilities so neither the wildlife nor humans are adversely affected.

One of the main strategies that wild animal control services apply in such conflicts is called integrated wildlife management, which is a process that helps such companies look at the holistic picture in a situation and put together a number of appropriate strategies to mitigate the problem. Such companies also specialize in working together with many other agencies such as local councils, municipalities, industrial accounts, property management agencies, etc. to bring in proper solutions that don’t affect the urban settlement at a particular location.

Where wildlife causes extreme damage, wild animal control services work with specialists such as onsite managers to put in place proper remedies for solving problems caused by wild animals. In cases where a state brainstorms new regulations for wildlife control, such agencies work closely with the local authorities in those states to study the current wildlife situation and come up with appropriate laws to govern, handle and manage wild animals in that area. Where universities need information or samples for research purposes, wild animal control services helps them get the relevant data to complete their research or study.

Wildlife control services perform the following duties in addition to the ones listed above:

  • Proofing birds
  • Removing birds and squirrels from fireplaces, chimneys, etc.
  • Removing wild animals from inaccessible locations such as crawl spaces
  • Proofing sheds and decks against wild animals
  • Installing vent covers
  • Eliminating and controlling wild animal odor
  • Removing dead animals.

Wild animal control services are proactive in understanding customers’ problems and provide responsive management services t avoid problems caused by wildlife. Some common wild animals that such agencies encounter problems with on a regular basis comprise squirrels, bats, chipmunks, skunks, moles, opossums, raccoons, etc. Sometimes they also deal with occasional wild life visitors, mostly belonging to the category of insects, such as crickets, beetles, ladybugs or earwigs.


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