About Handy Grammar

What’s with the title, you would think. Well, when I was bit by the idea of creating a language blog, I wanted it to make grammar really easy for everyone to use. Hence the name, Handy Grammar. As you explore this platform, you will find all facets of grammar, not just ‘which word to use when’. It covers everything: from semantics to syntax, origin of a word to its present usage and web writing to print writing, among others. Handy Grammar is all about catering to all your grammar needs, whether you’re a casual learner or a language snob.

About Kanika Bhatia

Kanika BhatiaI work as a Content Specialist and a freelance editor and writer. Much before I started my career in content, I had created for myself a resplendent world full of words, their usage and functionality. I use this blog as my primary source of sharing with you all my passion for linguistics. Although my ‘word-nerd’ nature never leaves me, I still make time to catch up with close friends over coffee and enjoy everything life has to offer.

If you are interested in reading some of my other works on the Web or contacting me for some freelance work, email me at kanika.bhatia@handygrammar.com or fill and submit the form below.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kanika,
    I like your writing style! Very unique and engaging. I’m sure your website will receive lot of appreciation as it grows.

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